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At times, very frequently as of late, I find myself struggling to juggle the demands of my mind, body, family, society, and finances. Very rarely can I say that there is a “balance”, whatever that is supposed to mean. There are tiny wafts of the sweet, sweet aroma of balance, yet I continue to search…and I search…and I search to find what this two-syllable, overly used word means.

Here’s to wishing I could say, “the universe wants me to stay busy!” and really believe it. Wishing I could feel rest and relaxation when I have a “To Do List” being added to daily. Wishing I could find what this illusive word means in my life.

Yes, I know that I tend to swallow more than I can chew, but what eager, energetic, hungry for life soul doesn’t? The kind that has found balance? Has this word been made up to fool people into believing you can have your cake and eat it too?

As I wake each and every morning, I read the all too familar affirmation cards resting on my vanity counter. “One step at a time,” and  “enjoy the present moment,” and “trust in the process of life…” I take a deep, steadying breath, ground my toes into the cold, bare floor and exhale, “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM…”




Comments on: "Balance? What does it mean?" (6)

  1. Life is difficult to balance– we are thrown so many things, have so much on our platter… I believe that balance comes when you know what to do with those curve balls that are thrown at us, know how to deal with those moments that are out in left field. No one’s life just glides along perfectly, if it does they aren’t truly living life.

  2. Life is forever a balancing act. My advice: try to juggle what you need to do, but put your heart in the thing that you love the most; then your pieces should fall into place easier…hopefully. 🙂

  3. Balance was my olw a few years ago. It took me a whole year to figure out what it really meant (to me).

  4. In our very busy, hectic, non stop world, balance is harder than EVER to achieve! I TRY to think of everything as either a want or a need ….but it is hard to know sometimes where things fall…and I NEED some WANTS!

  5. this is my never-ending quest, too, rachael — looking for balance. It IS elusive, that’s a great word you used. I’m closer to finding it than I ever have been before…. and I got there by doing what Nancy said above. I put my time and energy and heart into what matters most for me. 🙂

  6. I hear you. Balance is very illusive for me. You captured that sense of tension.

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