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Teacher. Facilitator. Guide.

I remember learning in college, that a teacher facilitates the students learning. I didn’t fully understand what that meant until I jumped head first in the field of teaching.

One day in the middle of the week, I had a student bring in the Bible to read. When conferring with him I asked him about his interest in reading it. He spoke to me as though he were a college professor lecturing on life. He went on to compare the Bible a book he had read. The way he saw the connections between the two were profound.

As I sat there soaking in all his words, I couldn’t help but be thankful that my students have different perspectives; they have truly taught me to look with an open mind and heart at life.

It seems as though the teacher has become the student.

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Soap, load, start, change, dry, fold, repeat. Soap, load, start, change, dry, fold, repeat.

I thought I was proficient enough at laundry (since I had been doing my own since my teens) that I could sneak in a load or two during the weekdays. Ha, was I mistaken. You know what happens to a wet load of laundry that is forgotten? Yes, a smell. An awful, rotten, moldy smell.

“I must rewash this load,” I say to myself. There is no point in drying a smelly load of laundry. It has lost that fragrant lavender scent I went back and forth toiling between it and fragrance free . It seems like a simple decision to make: smell like flowers or don’t. But in this decision I think about many things like: Are there extra chemicals added to create this scent? If I wash with “no scent” then the Jasmine oils I apply everyday will be much more potent to the senses.

After all these thoughts run wild in my head at 6 am in the morning, I reside to only doing my laundry when it has my full attention, on Sundays. Good old laundry day!