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This Way and That

Move the tall one over that way. And the short this way. That one needs more light than this one.

Plants in my house, are in constant rotation- trying to find the perfect spot with the perfect amount sunlight. Inevitably some plants get a-bit pissed when I move them to the wrong spot.

It starts with some wilting. Then some dead leaves. I finally catch on to the plants cry for a relocation. One in-particular plant cried out so loud that I moved it back to it’s original position and wallah! She’s happy. Back to her perky-leafed self again.

It ceases to amaze me the life force in greenery that I surround myself with. I can judge how well I am attending to my own personal needs from the looks of their condition. Too busy to notice. Too busy to water. Just too busy.

When I realize I have been neglectful to water them, I feel an instantaneous rush that overcomes my body. Soon after providing most basic necessity of life for my plants, I sit down and enjoy a  nice tall glass of water myself and realize that I too am an amazing life force that needs to be taken care of.


Back in the Saddle Again

Warm weather- it’s here, so my bike is out!

Shoes tied tight.

Pant leg rolled up.

Scarf wrapped snuggly.

Jacket zipped.

I’m hopping back in the saddle again!



Waiting at “Arrivals”. Checking each face to see if it is smiling back at me. I’m nervous, anxious even. Butterflies are spinning circles in my stomach. I kind of like this feeling, like when we first started seeing each other. No expectations, just excitement.

Lately though, things have been tough. Communication has been at an all time low. Distance is between us (2,079 miles to be exact, but who’s counting?). I haven’t felt his warm embrace or kissed his sweet lips in almost three weeks.

Contrary to my feelings, I have always seen myself as an independent kind-of-woman. The kind of woman who can hold down the fort on her own. Take care of the essentials and then some. Fix-up small things here and there. I don’t sweat it (at least not at first).

When he says, “travel,” I say, “where are you going?”

When he says, “I’ve got a few days off to explore,” I forward him some ideas.

But this past trip was different. The miles felt like heavy bricks being stacked into a wall separating our love. Quick sand has been accumulating, even on my exceptionally productive days. This slippery slope of short attention span and lack of patience is wearing me thin.

I guess I HAVE become more accustomed to a gentle kiss and a caring send off in the morning. A second pair of helping hands feeding the animals (and myself), doing fix-ups around the house.

He says, “You are strong, we can get through this together.” But what does that look like?

For now, it looks like him coming home.

As I leave to wait at  “Arrivals,” I can’t help but breathe in the feeling of the moment, excitement!

Never Alone


I am absolutely in love with my animals, Onyx and Aprilily. We cuddle. We play. They make me smile. Yet when it comes to getting my work done, I just can’t seem to communicate the idea of personal space. Just look at the love on my lap!

Most nights my arms are reaching over that Tabby-cat ball of fur and my feet are buried under a snoring lump of coal. It never fails. The moment I settle into MY position on the couch, they settle into THEIR position. I’m never alone. The house may be quiet enough to hear the clock ticking and cold enough to feel the draft coming through the windows and doors, but I am having a conversation with my silent mates and cozying up to their warmth. Sometimes I feel annoyed, but right now I’m loving it.

Lavender Skies Haiku

Night sky approaches

Blue swirling down into red

Sunset disappears

Wine Night

What do these tools all have in common: a two-inch screw and screw driver, a rubber-band, and a potato masher?

Wine night!

I enjoy hosting parties at my house, and I recently found myself having a family night cooking class. Mouth-watering meal. Delicious desert. And what’s dinner without some wine?

Oh no! The wine opener is broken…

Not now! Not tonight! Should I quickly run to the store down the street? Will anybody notice I’m gone?

Think Rachael. Think. I swear I can figure this out. There must be a way!

I have been practicing being thrifty, with the odds and ends frequently breaking around my house (common, who can really keep up when one has a dog, cat, and boyfriend to look after? how do moms do it?); I know there is a way around this problem.

Everyone is staring, waiting. Think Rachael.

“Aha!,” I say all too loudly. I run to grab a screw (as my remodeling project has left them littering my basement floor) and a screw driver. I start to lodge the screw into the cork as my conservative and sometimes germ phobic father says, “that screw isn’t clean.”

Darn, stripped.

I look around for a rubber band because I remember a list of top ten items to have in your house for random fixes. I put the rubber band in-between the stripped screw head and screw driver and continue to twist the screw deeper.


The screw is deep enough into the cork that I can now start to pull it out. NOT!

I can’t get a grip! Oh no.

A towel doesn’t help much either. Quickly, I open “the drawer”. You know that drawer; the one with all the random serving spoons and such.

What can I use as a lever?

I pull out the ugliest one of all. The potato masher! Instead of feeding into the doubt in the room, my mom comes to the rescue to hold the bottle securely in place. I hook the winding masher and pull up on the screw. My mother holds tight. POP!

“YEAH!” and the crowd goes wild.

I knew it! My years of thriftiness paid off.

Some Me Time

As I strolled around the classroom this morning reading my student’s Slice of Life entries in their “old school” writer’s notebooks, I found my eyes staying a little bit longer on one. I muse when he writes, “[I[t was just that kind of weekend. I didn’t go play outside or go play video games with my friends.” He scribbles on about enjoying time by himself.

My whole being is smiling back at him when he says, “what?”

I giggle and label this description of his weekend by responding, “so you had some ‘Me Time’.” He looks perplexed back at me, but I continue to share my joy. “You know the time when you can do whatever you want? The time when you can do absolutely anything by yourself? Like dance around and sing out loud, like watch whatever movie you want, like eat any snacks you want?”

He nods back at me, and I can see a light bulb go on in his mind. He responds with, “yeah, and read anything you want.”

Why yes, of course. Read EVERYTHING you want!

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