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Sunshine Daydream


32 degrees. Sun shining. Snow melting.
Dog on leash. Boots on feet.

My favorite time of day is when Onyx and I walk around the neighborhood.
She sniffs. I smile.
She pulls on the leash. I close my eyes and look towards the sun.

Ever since Onyx came into my life, I have loved her energy; her puppy playfulness has kept me on my toes. Inside the house we play fetch, tug-of-war, occasionally knock down glasses of water on the coffee table. We have fun.

But the sad truth is, I do not have a backyard for her to freely pounce around and wear down some of that oh-so-lovable energy. Each time I put on my shoes or my coat, I see her chocolate eyes beg me to take her for a w…wa…wal…walk.

There I said it! Her head turns and her eyes are fixated. “This winter has been long and cold, but it will be over soon,” I say to her, but I soon realize that today is different. The sun is shining! As I grab her leash, there is no holding back. Her slim forty pound body spins around in circles almost making me dizzy. “Finally!” I know she’s thinking.

As she tugs and tugs on the leash, speeding up our walk, smelling all the outside neighborhood has to offer, I realize something; not only does Onyx need the exercise outside, but I do too. Before today, I have limited myself to running on an elliptical in a gym or stretching in a yoga studio. But today, all bundled up, we absorbed the bright rays of far-infrared energy and vitamin D into our eyes, lightened our mood and surely my waist-line. Nothing can replace that feeling of the sun on my face, and the tug of a happy dog on the leash.

Sunshine daydream
Walk you in the tall trees
Going where the wind goes
Blooming like a red rose
Breathing more freely
Light out singing
I’ll walk you in the morning sunshine
Sunshine daydream
Walk you in the sunshine

Sugar Magnolia
The Grateful Dead


Comments on: "Sunshine Daydream" (1)

  1. Love this, Rachael! Love how you took a simple snippet and turned it into this beautiful account. “And surely my waistline” made me smile. 🙂

    A perfect model of a Slice! So great!

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