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Some Me Time

As I strolled around the classroom this morning reading my student’s Slice of Life entries in their “old school” writer’s notebooks, I found my eyes staying a little bit longer on one. I muse when he writes, “[I[t was just that kind of weekend. I didn’t go play outside or go play video games with my friends.” He scribbles on about enjoying time by himself.

My whole being is smiling back at him when he says, “what?”

I giggle and label this description of his weekend by responding, “so you had some ‘Me Time’.” He looks perplexed back at me, but I continue to share my joy. “You know the time when you can do whatever you want? The time when you can do absolutely anything by yourself? Like dance around and sing out loud, like watch whatever movie you want, like eat any snacks you want?”

He nods back at me, and I can see a light bulb go on in his mind. He responds with, “yeah, and read anything you want.”

Why yes, of course. Read EVERYTHING you want!

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Comments on: "Some Me Time" (4)

  1. Love the early discovery made by your reader! Thanks for the story!

  2. Perfect! Glad he had a little me time….and you took the time to notice. He’s very lucky!


  3. Share with me which student this was! I enjoyed reading this slice and feeling the admiration for the student from the teacher… They pick up on that. They need that.

  4. Isn’t it fun to discover their joy through their slices? And for this student, it was time alone and time to read anything he wants. Best weekend fun ever!

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