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Wine Night

What do these tools all have in common: a two-inch screw and screw driver, a rubber-band, and a potato masher?

Wine night!

I enjoy hosting parties at my house, and I recently found myself having a family night cooking class. Mouth-watering meal. Delicious desert. And what’s dinner without some wine?

Oh no! The wine opener is broken…

Not now! Not tonight! Should I quickly run to the store down the street? Will anybody notice I’m gone?

Think Rachael. Think. I swear I can figure this out. There must be a way!

I have been practicing being thrifty, with the odds and ends frequently breaking around my house (common, who can really keep up when one has a dog, cat, and boyfriend to look after? how do moms do it?); I know there is a way around this problem.

Everyone is staring, waiting. Think Rachael.

“Aha!,” I say all too loudly. I run to grab a screw (as my remodeling project has left them littering my basement floor) and a screw driver. I start to lodge the screw into the cork as my conservative and sometimes germ phobic father says, “that screw isn’t clean.”

Darn, stripped.

I look around for a rubber band because I remember a list of top ten items to have in your house for random fixes. I put the rubber band in-between the stripped screw head and screw driver and continue to twist the screw deeper.


The screw is deep enough into the cork that I can now start to pull it out. NOT!

I can’t get a grip! Oh no.

A towel doesn’t help much either. Quickly, I open “the drawer”. You know that drawer; the one with all the random serving spoons and such.

What can I use as a lever?

I pull out the ugliest one of all. The potato masher! Instead of feeding into the doubt in the room, my mom comes to the rescue to hold the bottle securely in place. I hook the winding masher and pull up on the screw. My mother holds tight. POP!

“YEAH!” and the crowd goes wild.

I knew it! My years of thriftiness paid off.


Comments on: "Wine Night" (6)

  1. I’m impressed by your resourcefulness!

  2. “Necessity is the mother of…” as they say. I so thoroughly enjoyed this. The wine was flow – to paraphrase Dune.

  3. Fun stator you, hope the wine was good!

  4. Resourceful AND a great writer. Great combination. I loved this Slice because I was really able to hear your voice and get to know who you are.

  5. Way to be resourceful!!!!!! Good for you!!!! And your mom!!!

  6. What fun! Thanks for sharing. I have all those in my house, and just in case my wine opener breaks, I’ll keep them handy.

    I used a paper clip, old cat license, and nail to hold a string from the light bulb.

    I might write about that tomorrow. 🙂

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