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Never Alone


I am absolutely in love with my animals, Onyx and Aprilily. We cuddle. We play. They make me smile. Yet when it comes to getting my work done, I just can’t seem to communicate the idea of personal space. Just look at the love on my lap!

Most nights my arms are reaching over that Tabby-cat ball of fur and my feet are buried under a snoring lump of coal. It never fails. The moment I settle into MY position on the couch, they settle into THEIR position. I’m never alone. The house may be quiet enough to hear the clock ticking and cold enough to feel the draft coming through the windows and doors, but I am having a conversation with my silent mates and cozying up to their warmth. Sometimes I feel annoyed, but right now I’m loving it.


Comments on: "Never Alone" (3)

  1. Tabby-cat ball of fur – what a great description! I love how you described the silence of your house, too!

  2. I got a kick out of your description of Onyx and Aprilily. The love they display is the only love they know….from you.

  3. That’s the beauty of pets – you are truly never alone. I can totally relate to the conversation you have with your silent mates. That sums it up, alright!!

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