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This Way and That

Move the tall one over that way. And the short this way. That one needs more light than this one.

Plants in my house, are in constant rotation- trying to find the perfect spot with the perfect amount sunlight. Inevitably some plants get a-bit pissed when I move them to the wrong spot.

It starts with some wilting. Then some dead leaves. I finally catch on to the plants cry for a relocation. One in-particular plant cried out so loud that I moved it back to it’s original position and wallah! She’s happy. Back to her perky-leafed self again.

It ceases to amaze me the life force in greenery that I surround myself with. I can judge how well I am attending to my own personal needs from the looks of their condition. Too busy to notice. Too busy to water. Just too busy.

When I realize I have been neglectful to water them, I feel an instantaneous rush that overcomes my body. Soon after providing most basic necessity of life for my plants, I sit down and enjoy a  nice tall glass of water myself and realize that I too am an amazing life force that needs to be taken care of.


Comments on: "This Way and That" (1)

  1. What incredible metaphors you use here! The condition of your plants reflecting your condition – your level of busyness and your level of care for yourself. I loved this – really great slice!!!

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