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Change is…

seedChange is tough. Change is uncomfortable. Change is inevitable.

A seed is  comfortable when it’s just a seed. What is the potential for that seed? To be planted in a beautiful garden and grown to bare fruit? To be forgotten in the back of the pantry and dry-up like a raisin in the sun?

The seed is stuck, so it must change. Fortunate for humans, unlike the seed, we can choose the path of change.

If the seed is left to rely on it’s comfortability, it will only last for a while. Sitting there being content as a seed, using up all it’s energy, then poof…it is all dried up!

If the seed tries something uncomfortable, starts sprouting and rooting into soil, it becomes something altogether different. Beautiful. But different.

If we choose the path of least resistance, we will be comfortable, but only for a while. May be a short while, or may be a long while. Nonetheless, just a while.

If we choose the path of the unknown, step out of our comfort zones, make the most of every moment, stretch our potentiality, we might just find something different, yet altogether beautiful.

Change is change.


Here We Go Loopty-Loo

Mondays…ugh. We all feel the Monday dread. The meetings, the work we need to accomplish, the moments we need to catch from falling behind the week before.

But it doesn’t have to be…

This past Monday, I took a detour from the routine. Instead of grading papers, I met new people. Instead of making hot tea with dinner, I sipped some samples of delicious beverages while eating pizza. Instead of sitting on the couch at home, I played the drums on a swing set at the Symphony Center.

What a different kind of Monday!

As I roll in to my garage, I noticed it is waaaay past my bedtime. I calmly remind myself that this experience was waaaay worth it. I’m actually excited for next Monday!



I’ve added…

I’ve added the rice. I’ve added the water.

I’ve added the miso. I’ve added the veggies.

Same ole, same ole crockpot stew.

Bland, but wait…

I’m adding the paprika. I’m adding the ginger.

A pinch of pepper. A tad of Turmeric.

Close the lid, press start, and wait…

Mmm, the smells!

The mouth watering anticipation!

On Sundays, I’m adding the Love!



It’s Super Simple

One of my most favorite experiences in life is taking a shower. Some of you might be thinking, TMI…but wait, hear me out.

The hot water blasting. The heat opening my pores. Condensation dripping. And the smell of Eucaplyptus! Ahhhhhh…

As I take the deepest breath of my morning, my body recognizes that earthly, refreshing scent of inspiration. It engulfs my mind, my body, and my spirit. I now feel clean and equipped to go about my day with Eucalyptus radiating from my pores.

When I first found out about this secret gem, I kept it all to myself. But then, I realized I could share the wealth. Since that realization, I have been making these “shower buddies” for my friends and family to experience the joy that I do every morning.

It’s super simple: grab a Eucalyptus branch from your local flower shop (make sure it’s alive), cut the branches off the main stem (wear gloves, it gets sticky), and tie together with twine or ribbon. Last, hang in your shower and enjoy! It’s super simple!eucalyptus shower