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It’s Super Simple

One of my most favorite experiences in life is taking a shower. Some of you might be thinking, TMI…but wait, hear me out.

The hot water blasting. The heat opening my pores. Condensation dripping. And the smell of Eucaplyptus! Ahhhhhh…

As I take the deepest breath of my morning, my body recognizes that earthly, refreshing scent of inspiration. It engulfs my mind, my body, and my spirit. I now feel clean and equipped to go about my day with Eucalyptus radiating from my pores.

When I first found out about this secret gem, I kept it all to myself. But then, I realized I could share the wealth. Since that realization, I have been making these “shower buddies” for my friends and family to experience the joy that I do every morning.

It’s super simple: grab a Eucalyptus branch from your local flower shop (make sure it’s alive), cut the branches off the main stem (wear gloves, it gets sticky), and tie together with twine or ribbon. Last, hang in your shower and enjoy! It’s super simple!eucalyptus shower


Comments on: "It’s Super Simple" (2)

  1. Sometimes we don’t even realize how many simple things we could do to feel better!

  2. wonder what my husband would say if I did this?

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