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Here We Go Loopty-Loo

Mondays…ugh. We all feel the Monday dread. The meetings, the work we need to accomplish, the moments we need to catch from falling behind the week before.

But it doesn’t have to be…

This past Monday, I took a detour from the routine. Instead of grading papers, I met new people. Instead of making hot tea with dinner, I sipped some samples of delicious beverages while eating pizza. Instead of sitting on the couch at home, I played the drums on a swing set at the Symphony Center.

What a different kind of Monday!

As I roll in to my garage, I noticed it is waaaay past my bedtime. I calmly remind myself that this experience was waaaay worth it. I’m actually excited for next Monday!




Comments on: "Here We Go Loopty-Loo" (4)

  1. Sounds like you had fun!

  2. breaking the routine always makes the week go faster!

  3. It sounds like you had a great time! What a great idea for a change in routine!

  4. This is It – !!!! Nicely done.

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