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Feed the Teacher

Swirling side notes on Sub-plans. Relevant resources to the rescue. Pondering the un-predictable.

I Breathe and walk away thinking, I hope they will enjoy the lessons left for today.

“Hey ladies!” I respond as I am warmly greeted by my colleagues ready to start the book talk.

Our discussion picks up right where we left off; not missing a beat. We giggle and reminisce about the silly one-liners from last conversation, looking back upon the content to re-soak the sponges we call brains. We clearly “like” these people we call “co-workers”. We clearly respect the thoughts we share. Hours diminish and new ideas fill my head.

“So how do we feed the students this information?” one asks and a conversation tailspins into ideas of activities. The conversation slows, but one voice rings true, “feed the teacher.”

Feed my mind? Feed my spirit? Feed my soul? A perfect trio.

I am so grateful for experiences in which my colleagues and I challenge each other’s teaching techniques only to discover our own strengths and pitfalls. Chuck Palahniuk once said, “Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known,” (Invisible Monsters, 1999).


Comments on: "Feed the Teacher" (2)

  1. I love collaborating with other teachers! While I would like to do a book talk with my colleagues, I am happy to just have a weekly meeting time where we can check in and collaborate on future projects.

  2. What a great quote you left us with!

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